What We Are About
Global Wave Makers is a association of Home Based Business and "Out-of-the-box" entrepreneurs  working with the same standards, purpose, goals and desires.

The staff at GWM  is an all volunteer staff and they are dedicated to providing our Members the absolute finest in state-of-the-art proven business and personal development systems and tools.

Simple and Practical Tools that have helped GWM  associates to consistently rise to the TOP of each and every Networking/Home Based Business (HBB) project they have been involved with over the last 35 years.

Participation in GWM offers:

  • The Power of Exponential Growth in Action… some talk about it… some of us even teach it…but GWM puts it to practical use. From needed discounts to desired benefits, the buying power and strength of the masses can benefit all of the GWM  membership. Remember … a Ben Franklin Saved is a Ben Franklin Earned!
  • Receive the our Success NewsLetter … the nationally acclaimed FREE Op-In GWM newsletter filled with business building ideas, tips, and tools, success stories, special recognition, and monthly drawings for fabulous vacation packages.

  • Special Access to GWM Marketing Tips and Tricks… where members receive in depth marketing support, recruiting ideas, leads, co-op advertising opportunities, tips on the latest marketing technologies, PODcasts, and Internet Radio.

  • Special Access to GWM… where the staff at GWM takes their many years of experience and puts the best available project(s) on “STEROIDS”. More tools, more video, more training, more support, more, more, more!

  • Become a member of GWM TODAY and begin enjoying the tastes of the fruits of SUCCESS
  • If you have already made your mark in the Home Based Business or Network Relationship industry, we invite you to Join Our Staff and Give Back by mentoring others. Send an email to

Our Mission
GWM was created with the goal and mission to support our "Networking Team Members" working together on the unified goal of helping others build their businesses and reach freedom, be it financial or otherwise.
To that end we offer our web based support and training.

Our Site
Our website has special support to help you jump start your business and change your life, however ACTION is everything and without it all of the material and support in the world won't help you.

If you previously worked in networking you will find everything you may have a head start on others, or you may have bad habits that do not contribute to success. It matters not if you were a success or a failure with your previous network company, the way to success in any networking business is to do what those successful members in the GWM family are doing.

If you are new to networking we advise you to follow the teachings of your leaders which you will find here, in the training calls and meetings.

We offer help in many different and diverse formats for those who desire success and will strive to be successful to the extent of their desires. We will help you write goals (yes written goals are extremely important to success) and lead you to the water trough of success. How you travel the path and how much you drink  once you get there is your responsibility. Showing you the course, the rules and teaching you the skills is ours.

By Invitation
GWM invites a very limited number of its members to join our Advanced Leadership group and participate in our highly prized Advanced Leader Training courses. Sections on this site containing the Advanced Training and support materials are password protected. Those invited to participate in this program are given access to these special sections. Those who receive such an invitation will be asked to commit to high goals and participation and should do everything they are taught with power, strength and zeal. As you become proficient in the GWM Advanced Leadership techniques, you may be given the opportunity to invite another dedicated member of your personal team to join the group as your protégé.

How Networking Works
When it comes down to it, networking is Word of Mouth selling. SALES!!! If that word scares you don't let it. Everything we do in our life is sales...... NO REALLY! It works like this.
Any time two or more voices are discussing something, someone is selling and someone is buying, even if you're talking to yourself! When you talk to someone about what you like, YOU'RE SELLING and if they take your word for it, THEY'RE BUYING! If they convince you of their opinion, then they became the Seller, and you became the Buyer.

Network Marketing is exactly this. We share our beliefs and opinions (sometimes known as our testimonial) about something that we're passionate about. Those who believe us Try It, and if they get their own testimonial, they share it with others.

As you work through the GWM site, you'll find tons of tips, tricks, humor, audio, video, printable material, newsletters that you can sign up for and recommendations to help you grow and learn how to share your passion with others and build a Networking Business.

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Other Resources For More Encouragement, Training & Help

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